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Recurring character, seasons 1 and 2


Info: vampire, Connor's biological father


Episodes: The Visitor, Inside, Outside, Two Made One, Blood Magic, The Life of Reilly, Real, In the Family, Who I Am, Heart of Darkness, Beneath, in-victus, It's An Ordinary Life, SNITCOTD, Hotspot, Maelstrom, The Darkness, Heroes and DemonsImmortal Sins I, Immortal Sins II


Angel is back in L.A. after voluntarily returning to the Senior Partners' dimension at the end of season 1. When Angel helped Connor prevent Drusilla from reversing all his new memories (The Life of Reilly, Real), Angel called on his employment contract with Wolfram and Hart for help. This action bound him to the Senior Partners again, and they've implied Connor might be harmed in some way if he refuses to work for them. Now Angel's been charged with finding a person the Senior Partners are looking for--someone who will respond to a mystical incantation they have supplied Angel with.


Angel narrowly escapes a mysterious fire-bomb attack on his storage garage, only to be set on fire by the Anunnaki minion, Willis, in the sewers. Connor puts out the fire, and then lets representatives of Wolfram and Hart take the burnt and injured Angel to one of their medical facilities.


Status: Last seen preparing to head out into daylight to save the life of his son.

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