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Immortal Sins II

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Immortal Sins II 


Episode 2.18




Angel joins Spike down in the vast cavern beneath the Gathering mansion, where Spike shows them the hoards of demons waiting for hell to return to Earth.


Act One


Gunn enters the Hyperion hotel room where Illyria is undergoing a ritual to remove the last vestiges of Fred--and the humanity--within. But in the room, he simply finds Fred herself, very happy to see him.


Faith rendezvous with Rona, who tells her about the number of demons they must contend with inside the mansion. Since the Luna Coven is unable to find the Dagger of the Nyazians, Faith still does not have a plan for counteracting the Gathering's plan to bring hell on Earth. Faith calls Aiden to see if he has come up with anything, but Aiden is unconscious on the Council library floor.


Deep beneath the mansion, Buffy wakes up to find herself a captive. She is the focus of an anti-Slayer ritual that also involves Faith's stolen sword.


 Act Two


Rona leads a team of slayers back into the mansion, including Mary, who has found Angel's broadsword.


Gunn confronts Illyria for pretending to be Fred. "Fred" begs Gunn to go along with her attempts to behave as if she is Fred. Then Illyria appears again and attacks him violently. Gunn does not know if it is really Fred who made the request, but realizes going along with it may be the only way to neutralize Illyria before It uses the Box of Gavrok to return to Its native form. He allows "Fred" to kiss him.


Alix barely escapes a dusty demise after delivering Steven Holtz to the Gathering mansion. Steven enters the caverns and attacks Angel and Spike just as they are attempting to rescue Buffy. Buffy leaps out of her mystical cage, only to face off with hundreds of demons. Steven chases Angel into a smaller chamber. Angel removes the Amulet of Bel'Iqi, which returns Connor to normal, but in the process, falls into a deep crevice. 


K'shan discovers Connor is in the cavern and sends an assassination squad after him. The assassins catch up with Connor, and in his attempt to escape them, he falls into the crevice with Angel. The assassins throw rocks down on them, hitting Connor in the head.


Act Three


Faith sends the Council scholars to the library, where they call an ambulance for Aiden and discover the method he has found to disable the spell the Gathering is using to open their "gate" between Earth and the demon dimensions.


Spike climbs to a position where he can pull Buffy to safety. They escape the Gathering hoards with the help of the timely pelting of rocks by several of the slayers in Rona's team.


Professor Roth finally reads the Nyazian Prophecies, and realizes Connor's importance to the future of the human race. Willis informs her that Connor is no longer under the influence of the spell that was corrupting him with the lure of a normal life. Willis admits that preventing Connor from fulfilling the prophecies of the Nyazian Scroll was increasing the Anunnakis' power to such a degree, they were on the verge of escaping their prison dimension. Professor Roth decides she must stop this. We see a flashback of the events that lead to the death of Julia Moore


Deep below the Gathering mansion, Angel climbs out of the crevice he and his injured son have fallen into.


Act Four


Faith acquires explosives from the Army Special Ops team to destroy the Gathering mansion, and receives a call from Nigel telling her how to disable the spell creating the Gathering's gate to hell. Faith gathers another slayer team and heads below ground. 


Professor Roth calls the Luna Coven and asks them to send someone to meet her at the Club Sekhmet, where she will help them retrieve the Dagger of the Nyazians.


As Angel ascends the deep crevice, Connor falls unconscious from his injuries. He finds himself in the rock chamber above with Alix. She tells him that he must embrace the side of himself that comes from his vampire heritage, for that's where his power lies. Then the rock chamber fades, replaced by a featureless space where the Fates of Greek myth inform Connor that he has free will, and must choose his own path.


Angel carries Connor out of the crevice and up the tunnels. By the time he reaches ground level, however, dawn has arrived.





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