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Inappropriately Neurotic

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Inappropriately Neurotic


Episode 2.03




Vaughne performs a de-invite spell on Connor's dorm room. Connor informs Faith that his roommate invited a vampire inside.


Act One


The day before, Connor returned to Long Beach and the nightclub Sekhmet to investigate Julia Moore's death, and ran into the vampire Alix. Lorne sees him there and offers to read him. He tells Connor he must deal with the fact that there are prophecies written about him, instead of ignoring them. A blonde will soon come into his life to help. He'll know her because he will deliver something to her.


Connor exits the club and is attacked by a demon. Just as he is about to be killed....


Act Two


Alix saves him. Connor slays the demon. He confronts her angrily about why she wants to help him. Alix claims a boy she knew was killed in the same manner as Julia Moore, and she wants revenge. She tells Connor she can take him to Danny, the boy whose phone number was on Julia Moore's napkin. Alix takes him to a squat for homeless people, but Danny is not there. Next, she takes him to a homeless shelter, but they are chased off and must hide in the sewer. A port security guard finds them there, and tells them where Danny is staying.


Act Three


Alix escorts Connor to Danny's house, then makes herself scarce. Danny tells Connor he had a brief flirtation with Julia, who was an ordinary woman who came to the Goth nightclub to find a cure for her blood disease.


The next day, Connor is encouraged by his art teacher to pursue a major in art. Afterwards, he talks to Professor Roth about Julia. She warns him that pursuing his investigation could get him tangled up with very dangerous people and mystical forces.


Act Four


Professor Roth also admits that she was approached by Julia Moore, and gave her the same warning in regards to finding a mystical cure for her illness. As Connor leaves her office, he realizes that Professor Roth is a blonde woman he delivered a book to. Could she be the guide Lorne told him he'd meet?


He returns to his dorm room to find Alix there, visiting with Dave and Amy. He angrily confronts her about being there. They leave him alone with her, then Dave returns to find the two of them brawling. Alix leaves. Connor catches up with her on the roof, where he kisses her and then tries to kill her. She escapes again.


Connor asks Aiden to investigate other incidences of burning deaths like Julia's in L.A., and to investigate the Shanshu prophecy.


Faith opens her door to find Charles Gunn standing there.


Episode 2.04 summary


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