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The Amulet of Aurelius


Description: A gold amulet. Carved into it is a rune of a sun and three stars. It is used to enhance spells that contribute to the power of the Aurelius bloodline of vampires.


Status: Currently in the posession of Drusilla, who stole it from the Slayer Council Library safe in Heroes and Demons.


The Nyazian Scroll


Description: A set of ancient flat pieces of parchment which contain the Nyazian prophecies


Status: Currently being studied by the patrons after Professor Roth stole it from the Slayer Council office. A new copy has appeared, a gift from the Nyazians to Faith. It is in the original Nyazian, however, and needs to be translated.


The Syndicate Library


A wealth of books, notes, and scrolls on the supernatural and mystical talismans once owned by the Syndicate, many of them inherited from Wolfram and Hart.


Status: The Slayer Council is now in possession of them and keeps them safe in the Slayer Council office library pocket dimension.


The Dagger of the Nyazians


A gold dagger encrusted with jewels. The Nyazians forged it and have been holding it for "the Son" for one thousand years for a purpose hinted at in the Nyazian Scroll.


Status: Connor was given the dagger by a Nyazian, and passed it onto Angel for safekeeping. It was stolen from Angel's garage and given to Professor Roth.


The apocalyptic demons' cloth


A torn scrap containing symbols written in a demonic language which speak of an apocalypse in which demons retake the Earth. Special Ops soldiers found it in the bombed-out warehouse that was the site of a demon fight club, where demons were initiated into the Gathering.


The Amulet of Bel'iqi


English translation: "dark path." A Mayan medallion used to access the "shadow aspect" of the personality--the part an individual represses in ordinary life. It creates hallucinations and causes the individual to relive old memories. The longer the individual wears the amulet, the more out of touch with reality they get.


The Stone of Skol


An artifact dating back to the time of the Old Ones. It was used in a ritual called the Ceremony of Essence to uncover imposters masquerading as species and individuals they were not. Illyria used it to prove her identity to the Gathering.


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