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The Slayer Council


Description: Successor to the Watchers Council, run by senior Slayers and ex-Watchers, specifically Buffy and Giles. As a senior Slayer, Faith was made the head of the Slayer Council in North America. The L.A. office of the Slayer Council is the home base for training North American Slayers, studying the Syndicate library, and seeking out badies spoken of in the library texts.


Temple Luna coven


Description: A coven (13 members) of white-magic witches in Hollywood who serve as magicks consultants to Faith and the L.A. Slayer Council office. Members we've met include Vaughne, Julian, and Krista.


The Enash Cabal


A group of humans who believe all demons should die or be expelled from the Earthly plane. The more radical elements favor a "holy war" in which they wipe out the demons through mass slayage. Other, more rational elements are searching for a magical means to accomplish their goals. They have reason to believe the answer is in a prophecy concerning the end of all demon life, which they believe is among the Syndicate library materials. They hire a demon to get it in Dramatis Personae, but are unsuccessful. After the radical members of the Enash Cabal blow up a demon Fight Club in Though This Be Madness, the more mainstream elements are pressured to move their agenda forward to find the prophecy. In the meantime, radical members attack a peaceful clan of Nyazians, then go after the Gathering. In response, the Gathering slaughters the Enash Cabal wholesale.


The Nyazians


A clan of demons, formerly from another dimension, driven to Earth a thousand years ago after a series of disasters left them devastated. First came an attack by the Granoks, lead by Sahjhan. Then the Nyazians were taken in by promises of recovery by the Power, Jasmine, who used and abandoned them. Nyazian prophets wrote of a father and son from Earth's future who would bring about the demise of these hated enemies. These prophecies became the Nyazian Scroll.


The Guardians of Light


A society of warriors of Good, mostly human, some demon. Based in the Far East, they began as an esoteric sect of warrior-monks. Today, they have members in countries all over the world. They can be identified by the sun-symbol carved into the palm of their non-dominant hands.


The Anunnaki (the patrons)


The demon apocalypse cult (AKA The Gathering)


The Neighborhood Watch Committee


Skull (Bone Boy), S-Dog (Scar Boy), and Shakespeare (Top Hat Boy). A group of feral teenaged street kids who live mostly by stealing.


The Senior Partners


The CEOs of Wolfram and  Hart


The Special Ops Soldiers


A division of the United States military trained to deal with the demonic threat. Many of its members were formerly associated with The Initiative.


The Syndicate


A crime syndicate in Los Angeles made up primarily of demons, with an incorporeal/possessing species in charge, the Hogath. Faith and the gang defeated their plans to take over L.A., and eventually the Earth, in season 1.


Status: defunct. Members are scattered or dead. Their library is now in the hands of Faith and resides in the L.A. Slayer Council office.

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